A wrist watch is a perfect gift idea for men

It goes without saying that watches are one of the few things that pretty much every man obsesses about. Basically, a wrist watch is the accessory that they necessarily flaunt. Therefore, men are ready to spend any amount on a quality wrist watch. A good wrist watch necessarily makes a superb gift option for any man. That said, there is no shortage of factors you should consider when purchasing wrist watches for a man.  


  • Consider his lifestyle  

The wrist watch you intend to buy must work well with the recipient’s lifestyle. Generally, a man who handles heavy equipment need a wrist watch that can withstand the wear and tear they come across during the job. When it comes to the durability factor, leather band wrist watches are among the best. In addition to that, straps made out of stainless steel also last longer. On the other hand, a sports enthusiast will definitely prefer a watch that comes with added functionalities. Pretty much every man prefers to have separate watches for work and play. In that case, a metallic finish would be ideal for everyday use and for formal use, a classy leather strap version will be fine.  


  • The size of the watch’s face  

In general, the dial on men’s wrist watches is bigger than that on wrist watches for ladies. Well, the size of the face should be in proportion to the size of the wearer’s wrist. Basically, standard size wrist watch faces look pretty feminine. That is why you should go for larger dials when choosing wrist watches for men. As a general recommendation, a 34-40mm dial will work for men who have thin wrists. And, a larger 46mm dial will be an ideal solution for rugged wrists.  


  • Quartz Vs Automatic  

In general, wrist watches are driven either by quarts or automatic mechanism. In the quartz model, a quartz crystal is used to regulate the oscillator of the watch and there is a battery to power it. Quartz wrist watches do not manual winding. However, when it comes to the automatic version, the movement of the wearer's wrist engages in winding the principal spring and the watch will be powered by it. As per the general recommendation, Quartz watches feature better accuracy compared to automatic watches.  


  • Analog Vs Digital  

When it comes to digital watches, they have LCD and LED dials. Basically, they display the time with a numerical format. On the other hand, analog wrist watches are the traditional watches you often see. They come with hours and minutes hand. 


The best options to consider when purchasing wrist watches for men are black, brown and tan. In addition to that, options like silver-plated, gold-plated and platinum-plated watches falls into masculine category. However, they are only dressier. They work well with dress shirts as well as slacks. What you should know is that bright colors like blue, red, pink, orange, etc. are not the best options for men in terms of wrist watches.