Choosing the perfect pair of leather shoes

Leather shoes are exceptionally popular as a fashion trend and this trend is everlasting. In fact, leather shoes and boots are definitely among the most common products made out of leather.   


For any man, resisting a pair of leather shoes will be pretty hard. Genuine leather is known as a durable, classy and comfortable material. Also, they are regarded as a relatively expensive material. However, this material worth the price particularly because a good quality pair of leather shoes can last a person for years. 


In fact, you can find leather in three forms - full grain leather, sued and corrected grain leather. When it comes to full grain leather, it is natural leather that is made from the finest raw materials. In fact, only the hairs have been taken away from full grain leather and the hide is left clean and completely natural. There is no shortage of forms of leather and these include even vegetable tanned leather, rawhide, boiled, chrome and alum tanned leather. For men, dress shoes mean Oxford shoes. Well, men’s Oxford shoes have a variety of styles such as open laced oxfords, close laced oxfords, "saddle""kiltie", and "wingtip" 


Basically, Oxford shoes are designed to stay further than your ankle. The blucher type is open-laced leather dress shoes. Their sides are neatly sewn to the front part. When it comes to balmoral Oxfords, they are close laced shoes. Their laces are sewn with a very unique design. As per this style, the front part of the oxford and the laces close over the tongue. It produces a very smooth streamlined pair of shoes that accompanies the appearance of being constructed from only one piece of leather. 


On the other hand, Saddle Oxfords come with a leather piece. It resembles a saddle. Also, the saddle is made with a different type of leather or color compared to the body of the pair of shoes. 


Kilties are another design of oxford shoe variety and they are pretty fancy in their design. They come with a leather tongue (which is fringed) which is placed over the instep of the sole of the shoe and it covers the eyelets as well as the laces. 


The most popular type of oxford shoes, by far, is the wingtip. The design of this shoe resembles the appearance of a bird's wings. 


The large variety of oxford shoe styles gives you no shortage of options when shopping for a pair of business shoes. In some products, a separate piece of leather is included on the toe of the pair of shoes. In certain cases, this piece of leather appears to be plain. Other times, it comes with a decorated leather embroidery 


If you are looking for a pair of oxfords, leather shoes are the go-to option. In addition to that, black should be the most standardized color you may select. That is because all black leather oxford style shoes will perfectly complement business attire. 


That said, the most formal type of all men's dress shoes are the black leather ones with close laced design.