How to care your leather shoes properly

Spending on quality leather shoes is one of the best investments you can make. Nevertheless, the only catch is that it requires you to take care of those shoes religiously. In general, a quality pair of leather shoes will last for a pretty long time only if it has proper care and maintenance. Besides, the products you apply on your shoes are not supposed to be expensive than the price of the shoes. That said, there are some important tips to consider if you want to extend the life and enhance the appearance of your leather shoes 


Firstly, it would be a very smart approach to spend on two pairs of good quality leather shoes instead of one. With such an approach, your shoes will definitely last more than two times as long as one pair of shoes. In fact, it allows you to wear one pair every other day. So, you can let the shoes to dry 


When it comes to cleaning your leather shoes, it is more of a matter of daily care as well as daily attention to potential blemishes. If you use all-natural shoe care products, that would be better as they allow the leather to breathe. It is always better to go for suggested cleaning products that are made specifically for leather. Saddle soap is one of those products. With that said, by using saddle soap, and following it with a mink oil treatment, you can assure fresh appearance.  


If you tend to walk or work in a moist environmentyou can consider to provide some waterproofing for your shoes. That’s a very effective method to avoid salt stains, snow and from water. In case if the shoes get damp, be sure to store them on a shoe tree to dry. However, you shouldn’t place the leather shoes close to direct heat such as a stoveBeeswax is an excellent water-repellent application that can protect your leather shoes from the elements.  


You should also consider conditioning your footwear and maintain soft and supple leather. If you can prevent cracks in the surface of the leather shoes, that means that less harmful agents will attack the materialAlso, it means a pair of comfortable shoes.  


When you clean and condition the shoes, make sure that you take care of the inside of the shoe as wellYou can use Eucalyptus oil or Tea Tree oil to prevent the deterioration of the stitching simply by fighting against mildew as well as the mold inside the shoe.  


Moreover, you should remember that leather products such as suede or patent leather come as special products intended specifically when it comes to their care. For instance, you must avoid oil or cream-based products to care for suede shoes. Instead, gentle brushing to remove loose soil followed by a spray on suede cleaner will be good enough.  


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