The history and evolution of leather belts

It is true that leather belts are exceptionally popular and functional. Inf act, they have become an essential accessory for every man out there. But did you know that there is a long and distinguished history for leather belts and it stretches back more than two millennia?  


As a matter of fact, leather has proved popular as a material for very long by virtue of being supple. In addition to that, it is strong and durable in nature. 


According to ancient records, ancient Egyptians had to carry their leather bags and pouches. However, ancient Greeks and Romans were the ones who worn the earliest examples of leather belts that we know about. Obviously, those belts were less fashionable as the wearers were focused more on practicality over fashion. Also, interestingly, the belts were not worn for the purpose of holding trousers up. In fact, at that time, there were no trousers. They just had robes and tunics. Instead, the belts were used for the purpose of carrying weapons and other stuff like tools, and pouches 


According to the historical evidences, sashes and straps were used this reason even during the bronze age. However, the Greeks and the Romans were the first to bring some standards to the concept of wearing a leather belt.  For instance, if you see the paintings of Roman and Greek soldiers or watch movies, you can notice their swords are hanging from their leather belts  


Because of the aforementioned practical qualities, belts maintained their popularity with soldiers all the time. If you need examples for that, think about the familiar images of knights as well as crusaders. They are used to draw their swords from scabbards that were hung from their belts. Also, think of the cowboys who were facing off. They drew their pistols from their belt holsters 


As of today, soldiers and policemen in all the countries tend to keep their stuff such as weapons, radios, handcuffs etc. on their belts. Probably, only few of them know the tradition of the Ancient Greeks. 


As a matter of fact, belts were worn for decorative purposes initially by soldiers. During the 19th century European officers thought of incorporating belts into their dress uniforms. Apart from hanging the swards, those belts were able to enhance the overall appearance of the uniforms. That is particularly because the belts were able to highlight their thin wastes and made their chests and shoulders appear wider.  


In fact, the concept of wearing a belt crossed into the society during the twentieth century. Right after the Great War, soldiers started to return from the front and they wore those belts as a habit. They started to wear their belts even when they mingle with the society. Before that, they had braces. Well, at that time too, the trouser waists dropped and as a result, belt loops became pretty common. Very soon, the luxury leather belts for men took off and became a fashion trend.   


As of today, leather belts have become an exceptionally popular accessory and you can even purchase them online