What to consider when choosing a leather wallet?

Are you thinking of replacing your old wallet? Well, men’s wallets, in particular, become deteriorated; they gradually become old and get a worn off appearance without our knowledge.  


As you may already know, men often carry their wallets in their back pockets. Also, they tend to over stuff their wallet more often than not. As a result, it does not take that long for the wear of the wallet to appearThat said, if you are shopping around for a new walletthe following guide can help you out.  


There is no shortage of materials used to make men’s wallets. If you search the internetyou will be able to find DIY projects that teaches you how to make a wallet from stuff like duct tape. Nevertheless, the most widely used materials for wallets are leather and nylon. Well, leather is the obvious classic choice of wallets for men. 


You can see that wallets can be found in many styles. They come as ID styles, checkbook styles, ID styles, tri- or bifold styles. So, choosing the best that suits your situation is important.  


As you may realize, the most popular wallet choices are bifold and trifold wallets. When it comes to bifold wallets, they usually come as the thinnest wallets. However, they can be wider than trifolds. On the other hand, trifold wallets generally comprise more credit card slots. Therefore, they are ideal for those who must carry several credit cards. 


When it comes to checkbook style wallets, they work well for those who carry checks along with cash and cards. However, checkbook style wallets are too tall to be used in a back pocket as it’ll easily stick out of the pocket 


As mentioned before, where you carry your wallet can make a significant difference in the type of the wallet you choose. If you usually wear a jacket and tend to carry the wallet in its pocket, you can go for a checkbook wallet. However, both bifold and trifold wallets can sometimes be too thick for carrying in jacket’s pockets. 


The type of the leather material used to make the wallet will be a decisive factor in deciding the cost as well as the quality of the product. Split leather wallet can be considered as the cheapest and lowest quality. After undergoing the processing, some leather is sliced to half of its thickness. Well, the lower segment of the respective hide is then is embossedThat is done to get the appearance of a leather grain. You cannot expect longer lifespan from this leather.  


The top grain leather is the remaining top layer. This layer comprises a grain. But this layer of leather is also thin. Also, it may not last very long.  


If you are looking for leather that hasn’t been split, go for full grain leather. Simply, it has the natural grain pattern of the skin. More importantly, it is thicker than both split or top grain leather. Also, this type of leather holds it shape notably better and its lifespan is much longer